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Can You Find My Love? is an educational book series for children ages 3 to 7 developed by renowned psychotherapist, Jan Marquart. Marquart began her career working with kids and their families in residential centers. As an author, her Love + Learning Instruction Method now helps children retain information through image associations, artistic interactivity, and positive reinforcement.

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Listen to Jan discussing the CanYouFindMyLove? series on the Reading With Your Kids podcast.

Jan Marquart
Photo by Aubrey Stopa

is a renowned psychotherapist and author with over 30 years experience working with young children and families.

She began her career counseling children who required help reading. She noticed that, in most every case, the children were being emotionally and psychologically affected by some negative aspect of their home lifeā€”be it arguing, addiction, abuse, divorce or something else. Many of the children verbalized feeling unloved or insignificant.

By simply incorporating a daily program of play, study and "talk time" over a few months, the children all started to thrive. Within a year, each child had either met or exceeded his or her grade requirements. What became apparent was that there is a direct and important connection between feeling loved and the ability to learn at an age-appropriate level.

The Can You Find My Love? book series as a testament to all Jan has learned about the relationship between love and learning.

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